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- Rodez - 35 km

- Toulouse - 140 km

- Carcassonne - 180 km

- Brive La Gaillarde - 180 km

- Montpellier - 200 km

- Bergerac - 230 km

- Limoges - 290 km



- Naucelle Gare - 17 km (connection from Toulouse)

- Rodez - 25 km (connection from Paris)

CAR: necessairy.

Enter post code 12120 in Sat-Nav, then Moulin D'Ayres will usually suffice.

(Please note we are not Moulin D'Ayres 12240 or Moulin D'Ayres 12700)

AVEYRON (Department 12)


Rodez, the central prefecture of the department, is 6 hours drive south of Paris and 2 hours north east of Toulouse.


Many places lay claim to be the best kept secret of France.  But there is only one department which can justly claim that accolade - Aveyron is a mosaic of regions, each with its different countryside, identity, building style and speech.  Cross any of the Hundreds Of Valleys and in a few miles, you could be in another world.  The Aveyron lies about a six-hour drive south of Paris, with Rodez an hour and a half east of Toulouse.


It has taken centuries to build the cathedral at Rodez, the abbeys of Conques and Sylvanes, the ordered bastides like Villefranche de Rouerge and Sauveterre, the Templar and Hospitaler towns like Larzac, impregnable castles and villages perched on hilltops. Millau where the record breaking viaduct over the Tarn speeds traffic towards the Mediterranean.  It is well worth taking time here in the Aveyron.


Time for the seasons also, which spice the countryside with tender spring green, bathe the red stones in summer, before the shimmering autumn colours give way to the vast expanses of the Aubrac winter snow.


With this alchemy of eras and countryside, ambition for progress in Aveyron respects an equilibrium between modernity and the riches of its heritage.  With a "Live true" philosophy, Aveyron does not compromise on its history, nor in its ability to make an asset of development.  Welcome to this land, at once wild and yet soft, horizontal, yet surprising in its sudden verticality.